The way I started in this business was a fluke. After a knee injury and ended professional soccer career in 1999, the owner of the soccer team I played with believed in education and trade schools.

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Centennial P & T has been the best painting and texture company we have been able to refer our clients. Being in Real Estate, our team lists lots of homes that need paint and all of our clients have

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Whether you are a designer, homeowner or have a commercial job, we’d love to work with you. Please contact us to get a quote on a job. We are located in the Denver area and work all over the city.

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  • Drywall
  • Staining
  • Wallcoverings
  • Painting
  • Taping
  • Texture

Drywall Installation

tools and accessories for home renovation

Call it wallboard, plasterboard, sheetrock, or just plain “rock,” drywall revolutionized the way walls and ceilings are covered. Before the 1950s when these paper-wrapped gypsum panels came into widespread use, it took days for lathers and plasterers to create a firm, flat foundation for paint or wallpaper. With drywall, it takes a fraction of the time.

To work that fast takes practice and a few specialized tools. But hanging drywall is not just about speed. Doing the job right means using screws that are the correct length, off-setting panels so seams don’t line up, and making sure wires and pipes will not be punctured.

Staining a piece of timber
Add color and beauty to your wood.

Wallcovering or Wallpaper Hanging

Blue and white modern lounge

Wallpaper is a timeless decorating product. As new styles emerge, wallpaper designers capture it, define it and present it in a variety of color choices. With its ability to capture any style or color scheme, wallpaper helps you express your personality and style – from contemporary to romantic to country or eclectic!

We smooth walls to level 4 for our wallpaper applications and use the right materials and tools to make sure your wallcovering lasts longer. We’ll treat your project as we would treat our own. Ask the designers we work with!

Denver Metro Area Painting Services

Chic luxury hotel gold, brown, bedroom, with chandelier front

This includes applying paint, varnish, satin wallpaper and other finishes to protect, maintain and decorate surfaces of buildings and structures. Done by either spraying and or using brush and roller.

Level 5 Taping Contractor with the Best Smooth Finishes

Foyer with balcony

Level 5 finish is recommended for areas where severe lighting conditions exist and areas that are to receive gloss, semi-gloss, or enamel paints. Level 5 requires all the operations in Level 4. Additionally, a thin skim coat of joint compound, or material manufactured especially for this purpose, is applied to the entire surface. The surface is smooth and free from tool marks and ridges. Before final decoration, it’s recommended that the prepared surface be coated with a primer prior to the application of final finishes.

The Level 5 finish is required to achieve the highest degree of quality by providing a uniform surface and minimizing the possibility of joint photographing and/or fasteners “burning”  through” the final decoration.

Texture Specialists Matching any Finish

Livingroom with armchair

Let the professionals take the lead on matching or applying your favorite texture.  If you’re not sure what type of texture you’d like or the look you are trying to achieve, let us help guide you through this process.  Or if you are wanting to match an existing texture, that’s what we specialize in and can match any finish.

As a Professional Painter and Decorator, I handle all interior/exterior preparation and painting needs. My team of journeymen-level painters, drywall hangers, tapers and craftspeople will complete your project with diligence and expertise. Working with homeowners and businesses, we value and share each client’s vision, and provide the highest level of products and services to get the best results.



Professional Painter & Decorator